Arrival in Sweden

August 11, 2018  •  8 Comments

After two great weeks in Houston visiting with family and friends, we made our way to Sweden. We decided to try out the new low cost carrier from Iceland, WOW Air! We had to bring in our own food and entertainment. It worked great! Short layover in Reykjavik and then onward to our destination. It took us 29 hours door to door.  

Our Plane

 We arrived home happy and exhausted. The first few days were a complete blur as we adjusted to the time difference. Luckily, we have an amazing view from the backyard to help us enjoy the fresh air and cooler temperatures. The river that runs behind the house is Klarälven. It’s the longest river in Sweden with 446 km.

Morning viewJet lagged Sunrise

To deal with the jetlag, Vanessa worked on a puzzle she bought 17 years ago in Rome at the Vatican Museum. A thousand pieces of Sistine Chapel and probably one of the hardest puzzles she has ever done but it is finished, and it looks beautiful. Now, we don’t have the heart to break it up and put it back in the box. Soren fought the jetlag by building a stone stairway down to the river with his younger brother. The occasional dip in the river helped with the heat.

Missing pieceThe last piece is always the hardest

Rock steps

Sweden experienced a heat wave just before we got here. But we were lucky to be greeted with the cooler temperatures that we long awaited. We have been enjoying riding our bikes along the converted railroad track and going on hikes in the nearby forest.

Straight and narrowThe old narrow gauge rail road, originally built to transport ore. Break time

KlarälvenHiking in the forest along the river

We have made ourselves useful, and we have been picking several kilos of red and black currants in the garden. Many also made their way directly to our stomachs including the gooseberries and blueberries.  

Blueberries for breakfast Black CurrantsFor Lunch

Red CurrantsFor Dessert with Ice cream

And so continuous our relaxed days, spending perfect days with Soren’s parents and his younger brother who happens to be on vacation this week, enjoying the backyard and loving the Swedish summer.

Swedish SummerTypical Swedish country side. Next week, we head over to Northern Italy for two weeks and we’ll be visiting with some long time friends we have not seen in a while. If you have any recommendation for things to do or things not to miss, please do share. We’ll be in Lake Maggiore (2 days), La Spezia (5 days), Verona (2 days), Turino (4 days).


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David Lake(non-registered)
Looks heavenly! Love those berries, though I'm not sure the stairway would meet U.S. safety standards... though under the present administration, standards may have been relaxed... or eliminated!

But it's September now, time for an update... are you still in Italy, or have you moved on? Remember that you are responsible for my vicarious European travel!
Shelley Peng(non-registered)
Dear Vanessa, sorry we missed your farewell party, but we've been watching you and enjoying the beautiful photos. Thank so much for sharing and can't wait to hear more about your next adventures.
Angela Gómez(non-registered)
What an amazing place and life! You’re very lucky Soren, it’s like being in a dream. Vanessa congrats on the puzzle accomplishment, that was mission impossible.
Lisa Santo(non-registered)
I’ve been to both Lake Maggiore and Verona many years ago. Both stunningly beautiful. Enjoy your travels!
We loved Verona so much. Brian’s friend Maurizio Valerio (board member) grew up there and is dear friends with the family that owns Pizza Salvatore right by Piazza Salvatore (see what they did there?). He insisted it’s the best pizza in all of Italy and it did not disappoint. The arena there was fascinating and that it is still in use! I bought perfume at a shop near the Roman Gateway. I wear that perfume to rapidly conjur memories of Italy.
I’m loving your blog. Carry on with your adventure!
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